Bng Boot Camp TRAINING  Be Fit – Be Strong – Be Healthy

  •  Boot Camp Training  

    Boot Camp’s have been around for years and for good reason, because they work! A well run boot camp will focus on all areas of fitness and for all fitness levels. For this reason boot camp’s are fantastic for improving overall fitness levels FAST! Here is a list of the various types of fitness training we include at BNG Boot Camp


  • Strength Training

    Who doesn’t want to be stronger? Stronger muscles can help protect you from injuries later on in life along with the added benefits of feeling functionally stronger in day to day activities.  Strength training is also the most beneficial way to boost your metabolism turning your body into a fat burning machine. We include various types of strength training at BNG Boot Camp with dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and resistance bands in our sessions.

  • Cardio & Core Training

    A healthy heart is vital for ensuring a long and happy life. Cardiovascular training is a great way to get your body moving while keeping your heart healthy.  Having strong core muscles can prevent and ease lower back pain along with making you functionally stronger. We design all our boot camp sessions with the aim of including core and cardio training. Your body will thank you for it!

  • Boxing & Circuit Training

    Boxing is fun and a great way to get fit fast. It is fantastic for weight loss, increased agility, developing muscular power and strength and most of all, a great cardio workout. We ensure our boxing drills are suitable for beginners to the more advanced boxer. CIRCUIT TRAINING usually involves strength, cardio and core all in the one circuit. Exercises are performed back to back and this adds variety to boot camp sessions.



  • Location & Times

    Binnak Park Oval & Yulong Reserve

    16 Anderson Pde, Watsonia North.

    Tues 6:00am – Wed 6:50am – Sat 7:30am

    Duration: 50min